Shared Spaces

Private Trail System

The Owen Silos’ private trail system provides a fun, relaxing, and safe escape for our community. This trail system also connects to the Ozark Greenways.

Community Fire Pits

A place to rest, relax, and make memories. Cozy up to the fire and enjoy an authentic community by nature.


Community Gathering Center

(Coming Soon) Whether it’s a birthday party, yoga class, or cooking class, it can all happen within our community space. 


(Coming Soon) With our community pool just steps away, you can enjoy swimming laps in the early morning, or bringing the family to cool off in the afternoon. Hot summer days are just better spent near water.

Community Orchard

(Coming Soon) Our community orchard will be full of fruit trees, bushes, and vines — all providing a therapeutic escape for green thumbs, and learning opportunities for all.

Gathering Space

(Coming Soon) Owen Silos community is all about sharing experiences. We’re committed to providing plenty of opportunities for families, friends, and neighbors to enjoy life together.

Shared Garden

(Coming Soon) We hope you’re hungry, because our shared gardens will be supplying fresh vegetables, herbs, and spices for the Owen Silos community.

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